Promed has the complete suite of GE Healthcare for the management and administration of all hospital images, helping clinicians to make better decisions in the diagnosis, generating remote reports without any type of complication.

Centricity RIS / PACS – GE Healthcare

AW Server – GE Healthcare

VNA – Centricity Clinical Archive

Centricity Cardio Enterprise

Diagnostic Monitors – Barco

Barco’s solutions for the healthcare sector have been designed to provide health professionals with the confidence they need to make sound decisions.

DICOM Image Recorders and Label Printing on Disks – Rimage and Perennity

Rimage disc publishing systems work with an optical medium that allows personalized color or monochrome content and durable labels to be printed on the discs. In combination with medical software solutions such as Perennity, Rimage systems can be adapted to any requirement of volume and workflow. Whether you need a fully networked front-office printer or a robust publishing system, having Rimage-Perennity is perfect for your printing, recording, publishing and archiving needs.

Mini PACS Accessbox – Perennity

– Portable solution with DICOM Viewer

– Secure transfer of studies between sites

– Allows sharing images and reports

– IT experience is not needed

– Minimum investment

– Local Support

– DICOM repository with all its functions

– High capacity expandable storage

Patient Portal – Inovapar VeDocs

It is a web system for publishing medical reports and images. With the WEB Portal VeDocs ELO, it is possible to make available the reports and images of exams for your patients, prescribers and doctors of your own institution through the website or intranet of your clinic, laboratory or hospital.

It can be integrated several hospital systems such as: RIS / PACS, LIS, HIS, among others.