We offer workshops to support our clients of Clinical Laboratory and Blood Bank to perform their work in compliance with quality regulations. We provide advice for the implementation of a quality management system or its adaptation to the Clinical Laboratories and Blood Banks to comply with the ISO 15189 standard and the AABB standards, respectively, for accreditation purposes. We also offer internal third opinion controls and external quality assessment programs (external control) of the different areas of clinical laboratories and blood banks.


These are some of the quality control lines offered by PROMED:


Line of External Quality Controls ONEWORLD brand:
Evaluates the effectiveness of the laboratory quality system with specimens of known but not revealed content. With a website and program called OASYS for external evaluation with peer groups, monthly evaluation programs and two and three events a year, broad areas of evaluation of the clinical laboratory such as: Hematology, Chemistry, immunoassay, urinalysis, bacteriology, among others.


Line of Internal Quality Controls of third opinion brand THERMO SCIENTIFIC:
Independent controls, liquids with a human matrix, with a longer service life, mostly multiparameters, which saves time and money. It has an interlaboratory quality control program called LABLINK, based entirely on the web, with comparison with peer groups, 100% real-time data processing, easy access to reports, among other benefits. For immunoassay, chemistry, tumor markers, Urinalysis and others.


Product line of External and Internal Quality Control for molecular biology brand
Controls in the majority lyophilized with DNA and RNA purified from viruses and bacteria used in in vitro diagnostic techniques based on nucleic acid amplification.


Line of Internal Controls LICON brand:
Controls not tested, for infectious diseases, by specific methodology with interlaboratory.